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Leadership Team


Lee Tolleson

Born and raised in Arkansas, my journey began with humble roots and a strong sense of family values. Overcoming challenges through determination and creativity, I ventured into music and entrepreneurship. With a background in defense technology, I founded and led multiple successful ventures, now driving innovation and global adoption in the cryptocurrency space as the leader of an exceptional team at Wrinkle Werx.


Cameron Ashby

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Cameron is a seasoned entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio across various industries. His journey began with co-founding a clothing company, leading to personal growth and connections, including his cherished family. Transitioning from an electrician to a business owner, Cameron ventured into firearm customization. With a passion for finance and crypto, he founded Crypto Lyst to combat scams. His journey culminated as the Chief Operating Officer at Wrinkle Werx, where he leads with a wealth of experiences.


Spencer Smith

Originally from Gainesville, GA, I embarked on a journey of technology from an early age. By 16, I had delved into freelance web design and IT solutions in the Florida Keys. Returning to Georgia, I further honed my skills, obtaining a CIS degree. In this time, I met my wife and started a family. My passion for IT drove me to various roles, creating software solutions. As the CTO at Wrinkle Werx, I'm privileged to contribute my expertise, aiding the proficient leadership to pioneer groundbreaking utilities and software solutions for the community.


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